Create in me a Clean Heart

Each year, we are given a special opportunity to re-focus our attention on God. In the gospel, Jesus names three important values, which becomes the three pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving. The entire People of God, takes a long journey together to be still so that we can hear the call of God to serve others. It is a journey for us to practice mercy, the by-product of God’s love. By our prayer we practice the kind of holy life we are all called to live. In our fasting each Lent, we prepare ourselves for the great feast that all are invited to attend. And in our generosity, we help others achieve their full potential.

This Lent, we hope the daily reflections from our students and the CRS Rice Bowl initiative of Campus Ministry, will help you in your Lenten observance.

Lent 2015

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